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1.   Currently there is a $46,974.12 judgment against Valley Lumber and Ironwood Company, ECO Plantations International Inc. and Juanita McVay.  See: (case numbers 08-A-569169 and 08-A-569445). As of 2008 Ray Allen and Juanita McVay were officers in both companies.  “Full disclosure” has not been made to the court by either Ray Allen or Juanita McVay about their involvement as officers in other Megaflora companies nor taxes they owe personally or as corporate officers. Additional defendants include Tony Green and Emerald Energy LLC.

2.   As of February 10, 2009 the court has ordered full disclosure by Ray Allen and Juantia McVay on the finances and taxes owed by companies.  On February 10, 2009 financial reports were to be presented to the Las Vegas court and on February 20, 2009 there is supposed to be a settlement conference.  Even though their attorneys are aware, it does not look like either party will give full disclosure to the court on finances or to even mention the other Megaflora corporations on which they owe personal and corporate taxes.

3.   Currently there is over $21,000.00 owed to a local contractor in Ulysses, Kansas for construction on the two greenhouses.

4.   2003 – 2008.  There are hundreds of pages of bank statements in Megaflora companies (over $200,000.00) of income which Ray Allen and Juanita McVay spent (much with debit cards at gambling casinos) on which they refuse to provide the information needed for tax purposes.

5.   2008.  Tens of thousands of dollars were put into a joint venture with Emerald Energy LLC for the greenhouse operation in Ulysses, Kansas.  Complete accounting has not been done to show what happened to the monies.  Local, state and federal taxes have not been paid on expenditure for the abandoned operation there.  As of December 2008, the local bank account in Ulysses was still being used by Ray Allen, Dianne Schwartz et al.

6.   2008.  Funds put into the Emerald Energy LLC - Megaflora joint ventures etc. for the California operations have not been fully disclosed.

7.   In addition to taxes not paid, unpaid billings made for 2008 to Ray Allen, Emerald Energy LLC, et al currently exceed four hundred eighty thousand dollars.

9.   On February 13, 2009 in the Las Vegas District Court, case Number 08-A-569169 states “Arguments by counsel regarding Deft’s” (Ray Allen, Tony Green, and Emerald Energy LLC) “accounting statements and misuse of company funds.” “The court further stated if the matter does not resolve the parties may return to the Court to discuss appointment of a receiver.”

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