Misrepresentations being made

1.   A false statement was made by Ray Allen to Cassandra Wiseman and published  in the “Messenger Online” dated 12/19/2008. See http://www.topangamessenger.com/articles.asp?SectionID=2&ArticleID=3336   It states that Ray Allen “flew a plane at 17,000 feet for an hour on his “MegaFlora” fuel.  If they knew how high we flew and how long we were going to fly, the FAA would have revoked our permission, he joked.”  As of this date no fuel has been made to fly airplanes from Megaflora trees.

2.   That “Emerald Energy LLC was formed in 2008 to commercialize the Megaflora tree after ten years of development and optimization”. http://www.emeraldplantations.com/about.html  If this is true, what was the benefit given the Megaflora companies to compensate for this gift?  The owners of Emerald Energy LLC have not even paid the taxes on monies they have taken from Megaflora companies not less compensated them for taking the technology and business opportunities.

3.   Ray Allen et al falsely claim that "Megaflora Tree" is a registered trademark.  If any investor or customer relies on this false designation and is harmed, is this a crime under Federal Fraud law and/or the Lanham Act?

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