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John King

John King current represents himself as a “Strategic Advisor” to Emerald Energy, LLC.  He actually came to Kansas as CEF & CFO of Renewal Fuels, Inc a public funded corporation registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.  While in Kansas he became an investor in the Megaflora project (actually purchasing the tractor and equipment for over one hundred thousand dollars etc). 

1.   Will he show copies of his contracts and agreements with Ray Allen, Emerald Energy LLC et al to clarify his true representation of the Megaflora projects instead of being just a “Strategic Advisor” as he states in his resume’.

2.   Was there a “conflict of interest” in representing investments for a “public corporation” and then personally investing in the project?

3.   Did he personally invest in a film named “Fields of Fuels” in which both he and Ray Allen misrepresents facts on the Megaflora tree

John King’s statements on his website are misleading and not provable:(

(John King Megaflora)  (John King Emerald Energy LLC)

1.   “Emerald Energy, LLC (“Emerald”) produces proprietary high-value agricultural products for use as biofuel feedstock, soil remediation, and for reforestation projects”.

2.   “the unique properties of the hybrid-cross product allow high-value crops to be grown in marginal soil”.

3.   “Emerald’s technology has been developed and tested for the past 15 years, resulting in over one hundred (100) unique trees and oilseed crops that provide multiple benefits for the environment and society.”

John Kings statements on the film “Fields of Fuels” are false:

“Megaflora tree that we are planting will grow to full maturity within three years and when you cut it down after that three year time, it will regrow from its own stump to another full size tree in three years again.”

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