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Ray Watson Allen

Ray Allen transferred the business opportunity and technology of the Megaflora operations to a new corporation that he set up for himself and others (Emerald Energy LLC) without compensation to the Megaflora corporations where he served as an officer and as a signer on bank accounts for six years.

Ray Allen refuses to document income and expenditures (for the Megaflora companies) in excess of two hundred thousand dollars needed for tax purposes   The expenditures made mostly by him at gambling casinos with corporate debit cards.

Ray Allen refuses to mention his involvement in the Texas Megaflora corporations to the Las Vegas court in the current lawsuits.

Ray Allen refuses to provide copies of contracts and agreements made which involve the Megaflora corporations

Ray Allen removed the name of the incorporator and secretary/treasurer off the Megaflora Operating Plant 67880 LLC bank account in Ulysses, Kansas and continues operation of that account without providing records for tax purposes.

Ray Allen et al refuses to pay Local, State and Federal taxes on operations in Ulysses, Kansas.

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