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1.   No certified independent lab testing results are available to show whether a Megaflora-Paulownia cross actually takes place, the production tons per acre etc.  In fact, the only Megaflora trees (paulownia and black locustt crosses) at least three years old are in Ulysses, Kansas.  They are about eleven feet tall, two to four inches in diameter and would produce less than one dry ton per acre, not twenty seven dry tons as Ray Allen states.

2.   Ray Allen shows a couple of logs to prove his statements that the Megaflora tree (paulownia-black locust cross) will produce twenty-seven (27) dry tons per acre in three years. However, the logs he shows did not come from that cross (which was only developed three years ago [May 2006]).  He shows no documentation as to the origin of the few logs available nor has he produced an independent lab testing as to what they contain.

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